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Over 6 million The basics: Blond-haired, blue-eyed Californian with a sad past abusive father, bullying victim will pretty much do anything for a laugh. Colorful characters, outrageous songs, edgy videos, and funny first-person vlogs make this ubiquitous YouTuber he frequently appears on others’ YouTube channels known for fearless comedy a big hit with teens. Dawson clearly has ambition beyond YouTube, and his racy-looking feature-length movie Not Cool is releasing online in September Language he recorded a song called “F–k Up” and drug and sex references are staples of his work. Though he likes to be outrageous, he also raises money for anti-cyberbullying efforts. Over 5 million The basics:

7. Markiplier

When he was 4 years old, he and his mother moved to Santa Barbara. He attended Santa Barbara High School beginning in 9th grade. Maron then went to the University of California, Santa Barbara as a chemical engineering major. He decided to switch his major to computer science midway through his freshman year based on his interest in video games. After the first quarter of his sophomore year, he decided to drop out. In December , he made YouTube his full-time job.

They went to the same school, though were in different classes.

Shares Long Story Short The highest paid YouTube stars of have so much money, they don’t know what to do with it. With that said, you’ll never make as much as them in your lifetime and you’ve probably never heard of any of them, either. Long Story The Internet Age has gifted many creative souls with income generated from such things as instagram modelling , promoting for numerous types of brands and agencies, and even becoming a YouTube sensation with umpteen amounts of subscribers.

Some YouTube channel managers are making more than doctors , sports superstars, and even the President of the United States. For example, someone who narrates and reviews video games in a unique fashion is making more than LeBron James or Sidney Crosby. For every YouTube star out there, there is an editor somewhere working 70 hours a week and can only afford to live on Burger King until his income tax money comes in, or a social media manager that still illegally downloads because they can’t afford the Netflix account.

We feel your pain. Here are the 10 highest earners on YouTube this year, in case you wanted to visit their pages and see what all the fuss is about: Her YouTube channels have reached over 2 billion views. As Miranda, she has over 5 million Instagram followers. Show Page 3 9. They’re known for their online viral videos and comedy songs.

Let’s just say they’re an acquired taste. Show Page 4 8.

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Of the Justice League Chicago. One of Will’s character tics is imitating Georgia’s voice. It has been thought by both Harry and Murphy that he probably does it without even realizing it. Has an engineering degree from University of Chicago. Gondor Calls for Aid:

As of April 29 his channel has over subscribers over total views and is the rd most subscribed channel on YouTube.

We sure did, it was great I was amazing! I got so many requests to play the pie face game, so that is exactly what Ro: But, we are not gonna be using the spinner Mark: This piece of junk! Because what are we gonna be doing instead? So to make it interesting, we are going to be betting how many turns of Mark:

Jess (Aphmau)

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She also got her alias from a key character the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion of Final Fantasy XI Jessica makes Aaron die in most of her roleplays and it usually makes fans upset, disappointed or we get the “feels”.

The art of cooking, Rosanna inherited from her grandmother. Rosanna loved to bake since her adolescence. She encountered an urging appeal for a geek Baking show on Internet and Television. Few friends in the same line of business encouraged her to undertake a pursuit that met the norms of a great TV Baking show. She often recorded for novel treat ideas for theme parties, which upon spreading rapidly; feed backed a series of requests from the audience.

After many initial video uploads, she was now as comfortable as old jeans. Nerdy Nummies is one of the best baking shows broadcasts on the YouTube channel. She bakes cookies that resemble legendary characters either from a books and films, or from video games and TV shows. The Perfect Together album of hers added fuel to the fire and provided an influential lift to her income. Subscribers are equally interested in her personal life too.

She adroitly has safeguarded her secret close to her heart. A kitchen expert with a face of a model is quite phenomenal. She is highly regarded to be one of the many successful faces on the internet that conquered vast locality in a short period of time.

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First Appearance August 13, Jessica or Jess, better known as Aphmau, is an online YouTube personality commonly known for doing Minecraft roleplays. Contents [ show ] Appearance Jess, like Aphmau is very short, at 5’0. She has straight raven black hair with light brown tips, as well as brown eyes. She sometimes wears glasses in videos and has bangs partly covering one of her eyes.

The channel Challenge Accepted Inc. They renamed the channel to Aphmau Gaming.

Joseph Joseph is the oldest of Jess and Jason’s two children and the older brother of Julia.

It has a subscriber count of over , In , he transitioned onto his current channel, Stampylonghead , however he reused it again in for his new vlogs and the newly-released Let’s Talk videos. Contents [ show ] History The channel was named after “stampylonghead”, a character he created in one of his projects. He did not had an idea why he named it to “stampylongnose” instead. The “stampylonghead” name was later used as the name of his then-side channel.

This channel showcased the earliest of his videos. Having been created in , personal university projects were posted as well as short vlogs and film. Having noticed a growing amount of children watching these videos, he slowly grew out of the habit of swearing and cursing. Since his main channel stampylongnose included swearing and cursing, he gradually transitioned to the newer, cleaner channel, where has stayed ever since.

In , Stampy announced that his series on the MagicAnimalClub , Let’s Talk , will be moved to the channel, making it the first series since to be released on the channel. Prior to the update, he deleted almost all of his inappropriate content and replaced them with playlists of MagicAnimalClub videos. Some of them still remain videos made from and were all unlisted, which means they can be seen in their respective playlists.

Before the changes, Stampy’s old videos were still online, but all of them were unlisted, which was intended by Stampy himself, to prevent children from watching them. He also released his vlogs in the channel as well.

Amy Nelson

Cancer About Markiplier Mark Edward Fischbach born June 28 more prominently known by his YouTube channel handle Markiplier, born in Hawaii, Honolulu 29 years old is a American actor voice actor comedian internet personality and video game commentator. As of April 29 his channel has over subscribers over total views and is the rd most subscribed channel on YouTube.

When is Markiplier’s birthday?

Part of the entropy curse is basically changing just the laws of probability with how bad things play out.

Cancer About Markiplier Mark Edward Fischbach born June 28 more prominently known by his YouTube channel handle Markiplier, born in Hawaii, Honolulu 29 years old is a American actor voice actor comedian internet personality and video game commentator. As of April 29 his channel has over subscribers over total views and is the rd most subscribed channel on YouTube. When is Markiplier’s birthday? Markiplier was born on the 28th of June , which was a Wednesday.

Markiplier will be turning 30 in only days from today. How old is Markiplier? Markiplier is 29 years old. To be more precise, the current age as of right now is days, 5 hours, 4 minutes and 0 seconds. What is Markiplier’s zodiac sign? Markiplier’s zodiac sign is Cancer. Where was Markiplier born? Markiplier was born in Hawaii, Honolulu. What is Markiplier’s birth name?

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JackSepticEye wetheunicorns This little statue is one of the highest accolades a YouTuber can receive, here are the people who have one As you probably know, YouTube hands out special statues to creators when they hit certain subscriber milestones. There are variety of buttons available – including buttons for smaller creators – but for today we’re only focusing on one of them: Here are all the YouTubers who have received this shiny wonder so far.

Hecox and Padilla became the first YouTubers to have their own wax figures at Madame Tussauds and their second film, featuring rapper T-pain, will debut on YouTube Red later this month.

September 11, Not available 2. September 11, Not available 3. September 18, Not available 4. September 25, Not available 5. October 2, Not available 6. October 9, Not available 7. October 16, Not available 8. Halloween With The Gabbie Show Spirit sensitive Gabbie Hanna gives an in-depth account of her haunted stay at a hotel and how she can see a persons aura. Also, a ghost crashes the show! October 23, Not available 9.

October 30, Not available

Mark Edward Fischbach

By Saba Hamedy This is the second year the year-old YouTuber has topped the list. He also launched a sock line. Looking for gift to someone you like? Figures are based on Nielsen data, IMDB, interviews with agents, managers, lawyers, industry insiders and the stars.

A Coded Parchment by E.

Edit His father worked as an imagineer for Walt Disney for some time, during which they had to move to Orlando. As his father designed theme parks for Disney, he could visit Disney World any time he wanted. He has an older sister, Sarah , and a younger brother, J-Fred. As a child, he used to play basketball with his brother and their friend Trevor, but stopped participating in sports altogether after his friend moved to another state.

He married his longtime girlfriend Amanda Faye , who is also a YouTuber known for fashion and beauty videos. They went to the same school, though were in different classes. They saw each other during the PE class and immediately became infatuated, even though they would go on their first date much later. After four years of dating, he proposed to her on a beach. On May 18th , they married. The couple has a daughter named Luna.

Matthias started his channel on August 10th,


Porcaro didn’t write the song – it was written by Toto leader David Paich, who was always looking for good ideas for lyrics. In our interview with Paich , he explained: He had just met her and was looking to title a song with her name, and it just fit perfectly for that song right there. So it’s got her name on it, but it’s really about another high school sweetheart, which is how songs happen sometimes.

It would not be the last time Arquette dated a musician: This song caused some justifiable confusion, as it was written by David Paich, inspired by Steve Porcaro’s girlfriend, yet sung by lead singer Bobby Kimball.

Described as this, more or less word for word.

Although neither of them have ever confirmed anything, fans of the Dolan Twins are probably very familiar with model Meredith. However, fans also believe they might have already broken up a few months ago. Read on to see why. Model Meredith Mickelson poses for Bryant. Ethan and Meredith were tagged. Steven Kelly hanging out with Meredith Mickelson.

Despite never revealing their relationship, Ethan and Meredith unintentionally dropped many hints. For example, they would sometimes pull a Joey Graceffa and post social media posts at the same romantic locations, but never show each other.

Markiplier & Rosanna Pansino; Love Me Like You Do

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