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We decided to head to Koh Phangan. Better known for parties and free love the Full moon, Half moon, Black moon or any other kind of moon party , we were surprised that Koh Phangan was actually quite well set up for digital nomads. I had met a bunch of nomads already who had spent time there and they all loved it. There was just one thing missing for me and that was of course…. Lucky for me, one had just opened called Beachub and I was excited to go check it out. Coworking in Koh Phangan Koh Phangan is home to 3 coworking spaces and numerous digital nomad friendly cafes which is quite impressive given the size of the island. You can check out the full list of spaces I checked out in my previous post but hands down, the best place to work in Koh Phangan is the coworking space, Beachub. In our experience, the community was kinda small but very open and friendly. Apart from a group that showed up at the end, we made friends with virtually everyone there. Accommodation In terms of accommodation, our options were kind of limited.

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What started as a simple beach dance party for a few hippies in the s has turned into a mecca for young people who want to gyrate to techno music while half naked, play with flaming jump ropes, hook up with hotties from other countries and get absolutely wasted on plastic buckets filled with Red Bull, whiskey and cola. Many people feel like the Full Moon Party has devolved into a horrifying spectacle of drunken debauchery — turning this remote and tranquil Thai island into nothing more than a tropical frat house.

If you are young, beautiful, single and ready to dance the right away it might just be the perfect holiday destination for you. However, if you are not into the party scene — is there anything else you can do when visiting Koh Phangan? Is it worth visiting or should you simply skip this island altogether? Renting a Scooter During your visit you could rent a scooter and take a drive around the island to explore some of the destinations off the beaten path. Driving can be a little nerve wracking at first, but once you get the hang of it you can go to some of the nearby beaches such as Thong Sala, Wat Maduea Wan and Haad Rin.

Relaxing at the Herbal Sauna At Wat Pho on Koh Phangan you will be able to relax and enjoy the benefits of a traditional steam sauna with herbal infusions such as lemongrass. This sauna has a number of health benefits and has been known to help with skin problems, eczema, high cholesterol and much more. This temple complex is made up of seven gorgeous buildings, featuring impressive views over the countryside.

It is a great place to escape from the heat for a while and contemplate in silence in the shade. Of course, make sure that you are dressed respectfully as this is a place of worship. Go Jungle Trekking or Zip Lining There is an area of lush jungle in the centre of Koh Phangan, so why not go on an adventurous trek into this green wilderness?

There is also the option to take a jungle canopy tour on a zip line so that you can see the rainforest from a different angle.

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Of course, as this was my first time in Thailand, these places naturally hold a very dear place in my heart, Koh Phangan especially. The friends and memories I made on that month-long stint will stick with me for life but visiting again a year later I felt like I uncovered even more of the island than before and what better place to share some of these discoveries than right here on a blog post… Being funemployed travellers this time around, our goal has been to maximise fun and longevity of our stay while minimising expense and we have been pretty successful without, as I say, skimping on any of the magic of a holiday.

So let me outline some of the quintessential things to do and see that also happen to not be budget breakers for you below… 1.

Each room has a private bathroom with a shower.

Yes, we do not discount the fact that Mexico and the Caribbean have beautiful beaches, but there are plenty of unexplored slices of paradise in Southeast Asia, where the weather is fine for most of the year. Here are five of the best beaches in Southeast Asia that you should include in your next trip. El Nido, Philippines Located in the breathtaking province of Palawan, El Nido is one of those places that will make you fall in love with the world again.

Home to long stretches of white sand kissed by gem-clear waters, the beaches of El Nido will definitely captivate your heart. El Nido is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines, but completely without the noisy nightlife and teeming tourists of Boracay also in the Philippines. Enjoy the lovely lagoons framed by marble cliffs, verdant jungles and mangrove forests, and dramatic waterfalls. Aside from the loveliest beaches in the country, Nha Trang is also home to underwater attractions that can be explored by scuba diving.

Nha Trang is perfect for both backpackers and those who have more to spend for a luxurious holiday. Plus, if you get tired of the beach seemingly impossible , there are plenty of things to see and do in the city. Ko Yung, Thailand Ko Yung is perfect for those who want to explore the underwater treasures of Thailand. Found in the Ko Phi Phi archipelago, Ko Yung is relatively pristine, with its beaches and reefs untouched by years of heavy tourism.

Don your scuba gear and see leopard sharks, dazzling coral reefs, and more up close. Locals suggest two great dive sites for visitors—the Ko Yung Pinnacle located in the northern part of the island and Ko Yung South.

Acomplete Guide to Full Moon Party at Koh Phangan Thailand

The year-old was shot by a stray bullet after two Thai men started a fight in the bar on Koh Phangan Tragic: Stephen Ashton was shot as he danced with friends at the the Zoom Bar on Haad Rin Beach file photo As one of the groups fled the bar, one man turned back and fired a gun, leading to panic. Local police officer Lieutenant Colonel Somsak Noorod said:

The Half Moon Party Atmosphere The crowd at the festival is a good mix, with more regular backpacker types than super hippie folks and hardcore trance fans.

This wide and sandy beach is connected to a national nature preserve and marine park called Koh Ma. The island of Koh Ma is accessible on foot if you walk along a narrow strip of sand from Mae Haad. Kids and adults alike appreciate the fun adventure of walking to a small island and exploring it, and there are also opportunities to see a local village and go snorkeling. Although the sand of Mae Haad is far from the best on the island, it still remains a popular destination worth visiting.

While you can stay at accommodation right on the beach, you can also get to Haad Yao easily by taxi or motorbike. Haad Yao is a well-known snorkeling and diving spot, thanks to a live coral reef just beyond the shoreline. There is also every kind of amenity you might want on the beach, including a range of restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and even a massage parlor. Traditional village buildings are located right on the beach.

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Backpacking in Thailand there are limitless opportunities to meet not only beautiful women, but people from all around the great big ball. They like Thai girls, or tourist girls. These two types of girls have different strategies. Tourist Girls in Thailand Most tourist girls are usually in one location for two, maybe three days, tops. But in Thailand you will find many Eastern European, Chinese, African, Asian, and other developing nation beauties, as well.

Most of these young women are looking for a little fun, and maybe romance.

This spectacular rock rises out of the water creating the best wall dive with a maximum depth of 40 metres.

Baxter claimed she was drinking at a bar by Sairee Beach — the same shoreline where two British backpackers were sensationally killed in — when someone spiked her drink, carried her behind some rocks and raped her. Surachate said that was highly unlikely. For one, the beach was completely flooded by high tide. Second, the beachfront right in front of the infamous Leo pub was packed with World Cup revelers. Third, police found no semen or DNA on the rocks. Surachate said police still are open to getting proof and will give the supposed victim until Sept.

He said the Thai cops would even come to her in the U. She has now supposedly talked with British Foreign Office officials back home. As always happens, more details and background quickly came to light. Draw your own conclusions: Baxter was shacked up on Koh Tao with four guys from June. She was out the night of the supposed rape with one of them. Then her friends became suspicious when she came home late with semen on the back of her shirt.

Koh Phangan Half Moon Party: Everything You Need To Know!

This post may contain affiliate links. That was until I spent the day at an elephant sanctuary and learned the disturbing truth about this popular activity. Just imagine how incredible it would be to sit atop a massive 9 foot tall, 4-ton beast while lumbering your way through deep rivers and pristine jungle. This is an experience many dreams about when planning a visit to Thailand. Increasing awareness and promoting sustainable elephant-friendly tourism is another goal.

The park currently cares for 36 elephants on acres of wilderness.

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Island Hopping Boats. Koh Chang to Koh Mak & Koh Kood. Timetables for November 9,

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So what date you plan to go there and how long you wanna stay there?

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Koh Samui Nightlife

I heard funny and crazy stories, saw burn marks on the calves of jumping the fire rope and many other things… When I wrote down my adventure bucket list , I knew that I had to include the Full Moon Party. It was the biggest moon of the year and we were all very excited! As most people I had no idea what this full moon party actually is.

I also heard of friends who attended the half moon party and through research I saw that they nearly celebrate every single moon phase. What is the Full Moon Party? There are different stories on the internet of the origin of the Full Moon Party, some say that a group of friends celebrated a birthday during a full moon night and that it was so good that they came back the years after.

Their spines are not made to support the weight of humans.

The road network is good and the government bus services on the whole are comfortable and reliable so this is a good, cheap way to travel around. The local bus from Ao Nang will drop you there, as will many buses from the centre of Krabi. There is rarely any need to book tickets in advance other than around long weekends with a public holiday on Monday or Friday , when buses can get busy.

Below we list the schedules of some of the more popular routes. For further information, please contact a tour agent when you are in Krabi. If you can speak some Thai, you can also contact the bus station directly on, tel: Buses from Krabi to: Phuket Buses run approximately every hour, via Phang-Nga, and take between two and three hours. Local travel agents can arrange this for you; it usually involves a guesthouse pickup by minivan about Bus from Krabi to Surat Thani: Boat from Donsak Pier to Koh Samui:

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Koh Samui is situated in the Gulf of Thailand, which teems with a variety of fish like barracuda, white and red snapper, shark, cobia, mackerel, sailfish, grouper, gar, travaly, queen fish and sting ray. For peoples who love to throw a line into the waters, we offer fully equipped boats ready to sail with our guides on board. If you love the taste of fresh fish, you can take your catch home and prepare it anyway you like.

Nothing beats big game fishing in ko samui. It is a peaceful and relaxing way to enjoy nature and bond with family or friends.

There was just one thing missing for me and that was of course….

Although, the whole of Thailand is home to part-dwellers, hippies, and backpackers the beach of Koh Phangan has its charm. Every month, when the moon is full, shining bright like a yellow ball, Haad Rin calls people from all around the world. As the night falls, the beach is frenzied up with wild beats, frantic dancers, and a whole lot of booze.

But that is not all you find vendor stands, fire eaters and jugglers entertaining a huge crowd. The ritual started in the early s when a group of tourist found the full moon night most beautiful in Koh Phangan. To celebrate this natural beauty, they partied all night long on that cool, breezy beach lighted by a bright moon. Colin Hinshelwood, a Scotsman, one of the few originators of full moon party at Koh Phangan has a different story. He says, back then it was a dark, scary place packed with vicious dogs and sinister muggers who would roam freely.

But, it was the year , when the moon illuminated brighter than ever.

Leo Full Moon Party – Cactus bar Koh Phangan

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