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Sashihara Rino is undoubtedly one of the rising faces of AKB48 in the following months: However, fame comes with a price to pay and Sasshi is starring her first scandal as an idol: The tabloid magazine Shukan Bunshun published some pictures, apparently showing Sashihara when she was 16 years old and a testimony of her so-called ex-boyfriend, who has unveiled some of the secrets of the idol. Something snapped in me then and I pushed her down and we kissed for the first time. As she answered the phone, she quickly denied the romance but admitted she and the anonymous male were friends for years. Idols -as most people are aware of- are not allowed of dating, and considering these incidents happened while Sashihara was part of AKB48, they might affect her further projects. By now, neither her nor her management had denied or said anything about this scandal. What’s going to happen with Akimoto’s favorite girl? I wonder if she will be punished in case this is true; I mean, Kikuchi Ayaka got suspended before, right?

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Moe is a catch all Japanese slang word describing the ultimate level of cuteness. Moe idols bring out strong feelings of affection in their fans. Moe idols are traditionally maid idols ,but it is not limited to maids. Moe has been introduced to characters in anime, manga, video games, media and even representative characters for economic issues.

Moe was a term first used in the late s era of idol and anime. It is important to understand that Moe as a concept is not the same as confessing a romantic love , that is like saying your confessing your feelings for Sailor Saturn [her character is based on Moe concept] from the Sailor Moon series.

The women face a single man, who chooses one of them as his “heartbeat girl” simplified Chinese:

While the show focuses on four millennials trying to make it in New York, season five takes plucky Shoshanna Shapiro out of the Big Apple and sends her to Tokyo for a new marketing position. But during her stay in Japan, Shoshanna visits a variety of classic tourist spots and experiences traditional pastimes. Naturally, Shosh, wearing Hello Kitty headphones, navigates the five-way intersection with aplomb. The venue features a variety of performers throughout the year, ranging from piano players to up-and-coming rock stars.

Temari no Ouchi Cat Cafe After being laid off from her marketing job, Shoshanna does the responsible thing and becomes an assistant manager at Temari no Ouchi Cat Cafe. Located in Kichijoi, this cat cafe is one of the most elaborate in the city with its Ghibli-like decor. And while other cat cafes simply serve tea or coffee, Temari no Ouchi has full meal sets along with cat-shaped cookies. Afuri Ramen Ebisu If the ramen at Afuri looked delicious, the good news is that you can go ahead and try it yourself.

The signature bowl of yuzu shio ramen is not be missed.

model videos

Old institutions remain important — and established artists still wield the most power — but this past year showed how messy and, at times, exciting the journey to the top can be. It barely registered on the Oricon charts — its single and album rankings still lean primarily on physical sales. The organization introduced a digital chart this year but treats online plays, views and streams like a quirky addition rather than the go-to medium for discovering new music.

Acts like Wednesday Campanella and Mondo Grosso are signed to traditional labels but attracted the bulk of their attention via eye-catching videos. Young rock groups, from crusty-looking pop-punk trio Wanima to ghost-headed outfit Kami-sama, I Have Noticed , solidified their bases on the internet. Those working just outside the traditional music industry fared even better.

I hope so because these are exactly the same complaints men on ROK typically have regarding women out here in the West.

One new gameplay element, called the Mog Clock , has been added, where the player must attack monsters on the field before the time is up to get the upper hand in the ensuing battle. When the player attacks a monster, the screen lights up and the scene switches to a battlefield, marking the start of a battle. Non-player characters such as the remnant military operatives react to the monsters that appear in the field but don’t affect any battles that may ensue.

Another new feature is the Paradigm Tune , which enables the player to customize how the AI-controlled party members use their abilities in battle. Though the player still controls one out of a three-member party , they are able to initiate the Change Leader option to switch the party member they control during battle. If the current party leader is KO’d , the party leader is automatically switched to the other human character.

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And you thought American teen pop stars had it hard! In penance for her crimes, poor Minami has shaved her head and posted an apology video to Youtube above. I deeply regret what I did this time. And I decided to shave my head without consulting any member or staff at my agency.

Played for Laughs in chapter when Jin suspects that Himeko and Bossun are dating.

But instead of remaining delectable and scrumptious, said ice cream fell off the cone and onto the sidewalk, becoming a gooey, melted mess. Gingham Check, the PV, is like the friendly ice cream man who witnessed your despair at losing your beloved ice cream so he picked up that messy scoop of ice cream, added sprinkles and chocolate syrup, placed a cherry on top, and gave that new and improved ice cream cone back to you.

In the past, whenever I find a song to be bad, usually the PV isn’t all that good or only marginally better and either way it almost always doesn’t improve the song itself. I was ready to pull the switch and call it quits on this even being a halfway decent Senbatsu song until I watched the PV. And for the first time, there’s such a contrast between my love for the PV and my hatred for the song that I don’t know where to start I guess the easiest thing to do is sum up my original feelings.

So when Gingham Check was first released via live performance I was Frankly, I loathed the song and now I still loathe it just not as much as I used to. Anyways, the problem I had with the song was that it was incredibly dull. I heard the same sound I’d heard from over half of AKB48’s discography think Chance no Juban or Ue Kara Mariko to catch my drift and the song was more generic than the generic soft drinks at my local Wal-Mart.

Catchy Generica because despite how much I hate these kinds of songs they always, always implant themselves in my head in some way. Usually I find myself humming only the chorus on an endless loop and hating every minute of it.

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Reinhardt Reinhardt is an old soul looking to make his impact on the world. His interest include business, robotics, engineering, fitness, swimming, and more. Lots of women bashing. Some of these countries include Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, etc. For this article, I will speak only about Japan; having been there myself.

A direct consequence of this is the inability to really speak directly and candidly.

But luckily YouTube and iTunes have a pretty good selection of music available from Japan. Groups perform in the AKB48 theatre in Akihabara, a district dedicated to anime, manga and video game culture. But even though I steer away from the band, their music is famously catchy and their success is unrivaled. AKB48 currently has more than members and is one of the highest-earning music performers in Japan.

Perfume Perfume is one of the first bands that comes to my mind when I think of J-Pop. I learned of Perfume when I was living in Japan as it was often the band most recognized by foreigners and nationals alike. Their success has carried them internationally without needing to resort to some of the more common wacky tropes see: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu or performing exclusively in English. Unlike AKB48, Perfume sticks to a three-member formula and has a sound best described as electro-pop.

Their sound should be pretty familiar to North American audiences, making it one of the easier groups to transition into. Face swapping, humanoid animals, walking cakes made from hats and Harajuku fashion are familiar images to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fans.

Actress, Former AKB48 idol Atsuko Maeda Welcomes 1st Child

When you are in love, all of a sudden you feel like things are going in the right direction in your life. The same can be said about the famous and young American actor and martial artist Leo Howard, who has been able to make quite the name for himself at a very young age and is seen to be head over heels in love with his girlfriend. But is his girlfriend the perfect partner for him? Let us find out! Leo has been dating his model girlfriend, Madeleine White for some time now, and although the exact date has not been publicized, the relationship between them is no rocket science as people who follow this adorable couple over on social media sites like Instagram know how much they love each other.

Enta Hinohara is Shinohara’s manga counterpart, and is an author that goes to Kaimei to look inspiration for his new manga series.

She had been sitting at the same position too which made her roommates, Jihyo, Nayeon and Mina wonder whether she was alright. They were reluctant to ask as Sana looked agitated and they didn’t want to be on the receiving end of Sana’s anger. They watched as Sana stood up abruptly and walked towards them as she plopped down beside Mina and took the Shiba Inu plushie that her girlfriend had bought for her and began to punch it.

The three of them could only watch as Sana mercilessly tortured the innocent plushie who had done absolutely nothing. Sana began to mutter out words as she punch the Shiba Inu “You stupid idiot. Why is it so hard for you to pick up your phone and just call me? Or if u can’t call just a few words through a text would do? It doesn’t hurt your fingers to type now, does it? The other three on the other hand were giving each other signals using their eyes.

They were deciding on who was going to talk to Sana first when in the end, Mina was chosen.

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