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It provides emerging leaders with opportunities to examine the nature of good leadership with a large element of personal development for participants to explore their individual leadership styles, identify how to build on strengths and deal with weaknesses. At the end of the programme, students will be able to avoid common leadership pitfalls by mastering the skills of decision-making, goal setting and enhancing other skills set such as communication, teamwork, motivation, conflict management and perseverance. TUSC serves as the chief representative body for students in the institution, with representation from all the schools. The TUSC ran annual elections to elect students to its various office-bearer positions as well as positions on the governing council. By being involved in the T. A programme, students are able to master the art of communication and assess how effective usage of words choice, body language and listening can impact their relationship with others and make a lasting impression.

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Open bazaar, Baling, Kedah Towns and Villages An excellent way to see all of Kedah is to travel by road, stop by the many towns along the highway and divert to some of the villages located in the hilly terrain or coastal areas. Hop on a ferry or a boat to the many islands off the western coast of Kedah to enjoy the best beaches in Asia.

If you drive through the countryside, be extra careful as there are villagers, children and often animals that may suddenly move on to the road.

This serene ambiance is further enhanced by a river which runs under the cave approximately feet from the accommodation area and from there, you can witness the Miracle of God’s creation blessed on the land.

Jadi entry yang berikutnya saya akan list kawasan pelancongan menarik di setiap negeri dan info menarik mengenai kawasan pelancongan tersebut. Jadi untuk senarai permulaan, saya memilih negeri kelahiran saya Perak Darul Ridzuan. Jadi jom kita lihat senarai tempat-tempat menarik yang ada di Negeri Perak! Perak also is the second most developed state in Malaysia, behind Selangor. The state’s administrative capital of Ipoh was known historically for tin-mining activities until the price of the metal dropped, severely affecting the state’s economy.

The royal capital, however remains at Kuala Kangsar, where the palace of the Sultan of Perak is located. Together with Taman Negara National Park it is one of the oldest rainforest in world, dating back over million years. Belum is a state park and not an officialNational Park. This means that local government is allowed to use the area for production forest and it is open for future development. There are efforts to get the government to gazette Belum as a national park, though up till now only a part of the huge forest is conserved and protected as state park.

Belum has the potential to become one of Malaysia’s premier eco-tourism destinations, if managed well.

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A seafarers tale – an archaeological elucidation of a shipwreck By Sten Sjostrand Dreary weather and intermittent rain has led to a dramatic drop in temperature over the last few days and then, just as the rain finally stopped, a cold wind began to blow from the north. It whipped up high waves and enormous swells that broke repeatedly against the side of the ship giving the deck, and everyone on it, a good showering. It was unbearably cold, wet and miserable.

Captain Heng Tai dexterously managed to avoid getting any salt water in his face as he crouched and turned with every hit.

The mound still points towards Tioman Island but the distance is too far for Heng Tai and his crew to have reached it safely in those sea conditions.

The mythical island of Langkawi is shrouded in ancient legends and stories. To top it off, the island is one of Read More Kedah Information Economy Today, the state thrives on agriculture as its source of income. Kedah produces the most rice among the other states but the Government is attempting to diversify its economy, namely in industrial development. Hence, Kedah is fast developing its manufacturing industry, with numerous industrial parks being built to sustain this growth.

A sizable portion of the state’s economy is contributed by tourism, most particularly through Langkawi island. Food The cuisine of Kedah is all about specially prepared dishes using a combination of spices, herbs and market fresh ingredients. Rice is, of course, the staple of Kedah’s diet, but variety is still the spice of life. Tempting traditional dishes are gulai nangka, a spicy dish of jackfruit, sayur keladi and pekasam. Pulut or glutinous rice is the northerner’s all time favourite.

It is usually eaten with fruits like mangoes, durians and bananas.

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SHOP List of Photoshoot Locations Deciding where to capture your pre-wedding photos should be arranged early if you have the intention to plan a trip overseas for a nice holiday as well. To select a location, consider: Scenery – Nice on photos, night, day time, how many options, adjacent locations The weather Distance – you might need to arrange the accommodation, transport, take leave from work Wedding Theme Places of sentimental value – where you meet each other, dating place If you have any additional information to add or update, please leave a comment.

Shiny cooper dome with its immense clock tower, central porch, different forms of arches key hole, ogee, pointed and horseshoe.

The website is www.

Photo Bernie Waite Places To Visit in Malaysia Malaysia is a land of sweeping coastlines and coral-fringed islands where mountains meet dense rainforests and unspoiled wilderness. It may not have the exhilarating nightlife of Thailand or be as cheap but it is more laid back and less crowded and is bursting with heritage, culture, islands, beaches and Highlands. It is a beautiful city with a mix of architecture from the Victorian old train station to a mini Opera House.

Spending time in the capital is a must if not just for the sparkling Petronas Towers, which were once the tallest towers in the world at metres high. The atmosphere in China Town is electric, especially at the night markets. The restaurants are some of the cheapest places to eat rice and noodles but you may want to escape the heat and head to one of the shopping centres. Pavilion is an award-winning shopping centre with plenty of indoor entertainment and its newest addition, the Crystal Fountain at its entrance.

As well as the city you can also see the Klang Valley and the Genting Highlands. If you need an activity for the evening you may prefer to see the skyline from one of the city’s rooftop bars instead. Marini’s On 57, or Skybar in the Trader’s Hotel are two of our favourites. If you love temples, southwest of the city is Thean Hou Temple.

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Travellers at higher risk should discuss with a health care professional the benefits of getting vaccinated. Travellers at higher risk include those: Travellers’ diarrhea Travellers’ diarrhea is the most common illness affecting travellers. It is spread from eating or drinking contaminated food or water. Risk of developing travellers’ diarrhea increases when travelling in regions with poor standards of hygiene and sanitation.

Pulau Pangkor is an island off the coast of Perak in north-west peninsular Malaysia, reached by ferry either from the old jetty or from Marina Island jetty both located in Lumut.

Etymology[ edit ] The origin of the name Selangor is lost in history, and there are many suggestions for its origin. Some sources claim the name refers to the Malay word langau, a large fly or blowfly that may be found in the marshes along the Selangor River in the state’s northwest. Legend has it that after the Portuguese conquest of Malacca, a warrior who escaped from Malacca rested under a tree here and was disturbed by a persistent fly, and when he chose to settled here, he named the place “satu se langau” meaning “a large blowfly”.

Another suggestion is that the name came from a kind of tree name mentangau found in Kuala Selangor. Aur which sounds similar to ur also means river in Malay. Hence, Selangor may mean ‘river straits’. A major problem with this hypothesis is that the word “selang” does not in fact mean “strait” in Malay, not even in obsolete usage according to the Kamus Dewan ; [10] the proper word for “strait” is selat. Another possible origin of the name is from combination of the words Sela and Ngor sela means ‘a gap’ [11] and ngor means ‘bamboo"[ citation needed ].

It may be possible that the banks of the Selangor River was full of bamboo groves in the distant past. However bamboo do not grow well in the marshy soil of the lower reaches of the river. It is also possible that the word Selangor is an Orang Asli term as some rivers have Orang Asli names, e.


Early life[ edit ] Muhyiddin was born in Muar , Johor , Malaysia. He received his secondary education at the Muar High School, Johor. Early career[ edit ] After the completion of his studies, Muhyiddin joined the Johor state public service as the Assistant Secretary of Training and Scholarship. Political career[ edit ] Muhyiddin’s involvement in politics began when he joined UMNO as ordinary member at the Pagoh division in

Experts rarely considered the possibility that these different styles were produced contemporaneously.

Doorgift Majlis Perkahwinan Oleh Admin Apakah doorgift yang sesuai untuk dihadiahkan kepada tetamu yang hadir pada majlis perkahwinan anda? Selepas menghadiri sesebuah majlis, tetamu akan diberi hadiah atau door gift berupa makanan mahupun barang sebagai penghargaan berterima kasih kerana sudi menghadiri majlis tersebut. Akan tetapi, apa yang menjadi tanda tanya adalah Ada yang mengukur hadiah tersebut sebagai satu nilai harga sebuah majlis yang mereka hadiri, bagi tetamu yang hadir hadiah itu sesuatu yang bernilai dan berharga untuk disimpan.

Namun, jika hadiah yang diberikan sekadar ‘memberi’ dan bukan untuk mendapat harga dan nilai bagi pandangan tetamu, alahai mendukacitakannya. Bukan apa, cuba bayangkan, rata-rata sekarang mereka memberikan ‘mini towel’ dan sudu garfu plastik, apa nilai berharga yang terdapat pada hadiah tersebut untuk disimpan? Apakah nilai yang dipandang? Sesuatu yang sayang dan berharga untuk dibuang dan cantik untuk disimpan menjadi koleksi. Jika dulu, zaman sebelum doorgift ni berluasa, bunga telur dihadiahkan sebagai tanda kesuburan untuk bakal pengantin.

Dan untuk kanak-kanak pula diberikan gula-gula. Tetapi, sedikit hampa bila mereka yang diberikan telur ni, nak juga makan pada saat itu, dan pilih untuk kupas kulit telur itu merata. Admin pun tak faham.

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Betul betul jauh dari kesibukan bandar dan lebih mendamaikan dengan suasana alam semulajadi yang menghijau. Korang boleh pilih untuk merasa percutian mewah dalam hutan di Gerimis Senja Villa. Sangat sesuai bercuti bersama family besar sebab villa ni sangat besar dengan kawasan yang luas serta lengkap dengan pelbagai jenis kemudahan.

Food The cuisine of Kedah is all about specially prepared dishes using a combination of spices, herbs and market fresh ingredients.

Pada 28 Sept-1 Okt kami sekeluarga bercuti ke negeri Pantai Timur.. Percutian ni hampir-hampir terbatal sebab masa tu mummy tak perasan dah dekat Raya Haji.. Fikir punya fikir apsal susah sangat minta je lah cuti sampai Raya Haji. Haihhh Sebenarnya percutian ni pun konon-kononnya sempena besday mummy 25 Sept lepas. So mummy pun rangkalah percutian ni dalam masa seminggu gitu. Hotel mummy serah pada babah utk booking dan bayar sekali.

Takkan nak pergi Kuala Terengganu je kan. So otw nak ke sana pe kata singgah Cherating pastu naik Kemaman dan terus ke Kuala Terengganu. Mummy pun google dan singgah ke blog-blog yang pernah ke tempat-tempat ni utk survey hotel dan tempat makan yang best. Kami decide untuk tidur satu malam kat Cherating dan 2 malam kat KT.

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