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Beta A measure of a fund’s sensitivity to market movements. The beta of the market is 1. Morningstar calculates beta by comparing a fund’s excess return over Treasury bills to the market’s excess return over Treasury bills, so a beta of 1. Conversely, a beta of 0. Beta can be a useful tool when at least some of a fund’s performance history can be explained by the market as a whole. Beta is particularly appropriate when used to measure the risk of a combined portfolio of mutual funds.


Edit For almost three decades, millions of television viewers and moviegoers around the world have thrilled to the exciting adventures of the most successful science fiction creation of all time— Star Trek. And during all that time, William Shatner has portrayed Star Trek’s most dynamic hero— Captain James Tiberius Kirk , a gallant commander of the legendary starship Enterprise and her crew.

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Natural occurrence[ edit ] Phenethylamine is produced by a wide range of species throughout the plant and animal kingdoms, including humans; [13] [15] [16] it is also produced by certain fungi and bacteria genus: Lactobacillus , Clostridium , Pseudomonas , and Enterobacteriaceae and acts as a potent anti-microbial against certain pathogenic strains of Escherichia coli e. H7 strain at sufficient concentrations. Substituted phenethylamine Substituted phenethylamines are a chemical class of organic compounds that are based upon the phenethylamine structure; [note 2] the class is composed of all the derivative compounds of phenethylamine which can be formed by replacing, or substituting , one or more hydrogen atoms in the phenethylamine core structure with substituents.

Many substituted phenethylamines are psychoactive drugs which belong to a variety of different drug classes, including central nervous system stimulants e. Many of these psychoactive compounds exert their pharmacological effects primarily by modulating monoamine neurotransmitter systems; however, there is no mechanism of action or biological target that is common to all members of this subclass. Numerous endogenous compounds — including hormones , monoamine neurotransmitters, and many trace amines e.

Several notable recreational drugs, such as MDMA ecstasy , methamphetamine , and cathinones , are also members of the class. All of the substituted amphetamines are phenethylamines as well. Pharmaceutical drugs that are substituted phenethylamines include phenelzine , phenformin , and fanetizole , among many others. Alternative syntheses are outlined in the footnotes to this preparation. This can be done via Friedel-Crafts acylation with N-protected acyl chlorides when the arene is activated, or by Heck reaction of the phenyl with N-vinyl oxazolone , followed by hydrogenation , or by cross-coupling with beta-amino organozinc reagents, or reacting a brominated arene with beta-aminoethyl organolithium reagents, or by Suzuki cross-coupling.

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The classification of these receptors, and indeed receptors in general, is based on the interaction of agonists and antagonists with the receptors. The actions of epinephrine, widely used in combination with local anesthetic drugs, are produced as a result of interactions with these receptors. Beta Receptor Systems Most tissues express multiple receptors. However, the dominant beta receptor in the normal heart is the beta1 receptor while the beta2 receptor is the dominant regulatory receptor in vascular and non vascular smooth muscle.

Epinephrine activates both the beta1 and beta2-receptors. Norepinephrine activates only the beta1-receptor.

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Electroencephalography EEG , the recording of electrical signals from the brain, provides a noninvasive measure of brain function as it is happening. Research using EEG, as well as event—related potentials ERPs and event—related oscillations EROs , which measure brain activity in response to a specific stimulus, have shown that the brain activity of alcoholics and nonalcoholics differs in some characteristic ways.

These differences are consistent with an imbalance between excitation and inhibition processes in the brains of alcoholics. This article examines the techniques of electrophysiological brain mapping, which best reveals brain activity as it occurs in time, in fractions of seconds. The resulting report, called an electroencephalogram, also is abbreviated EEG. Each nerve cell i. Small electrodes placed on the scalp detect this electrical activity, which is magnified and recorded as brain waves i.

These brain waves illustrate the activity as it is taking place in various areas inside the brain. In the purely resting state, brain waves often are randomly active. However, when a person perceives or responds to a sensory or cognitive stimulus e. The activity that is related to processing of the stimulus always occurs at the same time after the stimulus i. In order to see the tiny event—related activity, the EEG is averaged across multiple identical occurrences or trials e.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I was hoping that I would get more responses and suggestions. I guess it’s kind of a hopeless cause. RazCarver I’ve found for me, I have to do more than just take the meds. I have to do slow gentle stretching everyday.

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The gamma subunit of this complex acts as a serine protease, and cleaves the N-terminal of the beta subunit, thereby activating the protein into functional NGF. The term nerve growth factor usually refers to the 2. Function[ edit ] As its name suggests, NGF is involved primarily in the growth, as well as the maintenance, proliferation, and survival of nerve cells neurons.

In fact, NGF is critical for the survival and maintenance of sympathetic and sensory neurons , as they undergo apoptosis in its absence. Neuronal proliferation[ edit ] NGF can drive the expression of genes such as bcl-2 by binding to the TrkA receptor, which stimulates the proliferation and survival of the target neuron. Study results indicate that superior cervical ganglia neurons that express both p75NTR and TrkA die when treated with proNGF, [6] while NGF treatment of these same neurons results in survival and axonal growth.

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Chat from May 4, Guest Speaker — Dr. We are pleased to welcome a special guest tonight, Dr. Mantravadi, would you like to introduce yourself? Thanks everyone for being here. Is a person with ocular hypertension or high IOP likely to have elevated blood pressure? While high IOP plays a major role in the development and progression of glaucoma, there are clearly other factors involved, and there has been a longstanding theory dating back to the 19th century that impaired blood flow to the optic nerve plays a role in the disease.

I am happy to elaborate on that last point if you wish. However, there is also a clear association of low blood pressure as a risk factor Early Manifest Glaucoma Trial as well.

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The question that plagues many of us is this: While over-the-counter and prescription pain medicines can be effective if used properly, there are possible risks whenever you take a pill. So many people want to explore alternative pain relief therapies. Topical medications What they are: Gels, creams and patches that are applied to the skin supply sodium channel blockers, such as lidocaine or prilocaine. Sodium channel blockers work by numbing nerve endings close to the skin.

There are 4 main types of glaucoma:

History[ edit ] The concept of islet transplantation is not new. Most, however, credit the recent era of islet transplantation research to Paul Lacy ‘s studies dating back more than three decades. In , Lacy’s group described a novel collagenase-based method later modified by Dr. Camillo Ricordi, then working with Dr. Lacy to isolate islets, paving the way for future in vitro and in vivo islet experiments.

The first successful trial of human islet allotransplantation resulting in long-term reversal of diabetes was performed at the University of Pittsburgh in James Shapiro and colleagues published a report describing seven consecutive patients who achieved euglycemia following islet transplantation using a steroid-free protocol and large numbers of donor islets, since referred to as the Edmonton protocol.

Goals[ edit ] The goal of islet transplantation is to infuse enough islets to control the blood glucose level removing the need for insulin injections. Because good control of blood glucose can slow or prevent the progression of complications associated with diabetes, such as nerve or eye damage , a successful transplant may reduce the risk of these complications.

But a transplant recipient will need to take immunosuppressive drugs that stop the immune system from rejecting the transplanted islets.


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As increased theta power indicates inhibition of responding to irrelevant information during selective information processing tasks Klimesch et al.

I can’t tell you how sorry I am. I have had a very severe strain of herpes II for 30 years. It has caused dibilitating nerve pain at times. Before there was medication I got it every month with my menstrual cycle plut those other times that it just felt like showing up. As you can imagine I had very little herpe free time. I will try and outline how it has manifested itself for me. Horrible nerve pain throughout body just prior to outbreaks.

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