Sex abuse scandal: Pope seeks prayers to fight ‘devil’

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Share via Email Benazir Bhutto, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, vowed yesterday she would go ‘back to basics’ and invoke her late father’s name to win her way back into power in her country. Bhutto, who was exiled from Pakistan eight years ago after two stints in government that both ended amid accusations of incompetence and scandal, said her campaign would be inspired by the old slogan of her Pakistan People’s Party PPP – ‘food, clothing, shelter’. My return will take place irrespective of the dialogue process.

However, with his popularity at an all-time low, Musharraf may be tempted to do a constitutional deal with Bhutto to give his rule some much-needed domestic and international democratic legitimacy. Time is, however, running out for the former premier to return. Both Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister ousted in a coup by Musharraf nine years ago and subsequently given a life sentence for hijacking, want to be present for presidential elections that, for constitutional reasons, have to be held within four months, but are likely to take place within six weeks.

After the India match, I told to my boys that the tournament is not over yet.

Bubble most famous people slip into: Parents at the centre of a growing child abuse scandal in Pakistan have accused police of failing to do enough to break up a paedophile ring in Punjab province, the prime minister’s political heartland. Accounts of abuse in the central Punjabi village of Husain Khan Wala were splashed across the front pages of Pakistani newspapers over the weekend, and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is expected to be questioned on the topic in parliament on Monday.

Villagers said on Sunday that a prominent family there has for years forced children to perform sex acts on video. The footage was sold or used to blackmail their impoverished families. The year-old is still in jail, she added. If an inquiry found inadequate police work or complicity, the scandal could engulf the provincial government, headed by the prime minister’s brother.

District police officer Rai Babar said the force would act decisively. On Sunday, Sharif said in a statement:

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Dar came under the radar of an inquiry sparked by the Panama Papers leak last year which centred on discrepancies between the income of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his lavish lifestyle, particularly his family properties in London. A finance ministry official confirmed to AFP Thursday that Dar has applied for and been granted the leave. Local reports have said he is suffering from a heart condition.

Images showing him on a hospital bed in the UK were published in local media earlier this month. The Supreme Court ousted Sharif over the investigation this summer, and an accountability court is now trying him on charges that could see him thrown in jail. The scandal has left his ruling Pakistan Muslim League under pressure ahead of general elections due to be held sometime next year, with the allegations against Dar adding to the heat.

The Supreme Court has also reopened a year-old case against Sharif in which Dar admitted to money laundering for him. He later claimed that he made the confession under duress by the military government of General Pervez Musharraf.

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So that brings us to the end of our live blog. India next take on Sri Lanka on Wednesday 5 July. So do join us same time and same place. Until then, it’s goodbye. Despite an excellent show of bowling from Pakistan bowlers, the inexperience, in terms of batting, showed with poor shot selection. This was their best chance to upset India and they let it slip leaving them to wonder: It was our best bowling performance against India.

Diana Baig is a wonderful athlete. As a captain, I’m very proud of her. There were anxious moments. But Sushma Verma’s contribution in the end was very crucial. Once we got , we thought it could be anybody’s game. It was one of those days when the top order failed and we will address that before the next match. Ekta has always delivered when she has been given the new ball.

Massive child sexual abuse scandal rocks Pakistan, videos discovered

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Bhutto family Bhutto was born on 21 June in the Pakistani city of Karachi. Murtaza was born in , Sanam in , and Shahnawaz in Benazir’s first language was English ; as a child she spoke Urdu less frequently, and barely spoke the local Sindhi language. She moved to Iran, but after Zulfikar prevented her children from joining her there, she returned to Pakistan six months later, settling in Karachi.

In a case registered at Hinjewadi police station, a year-old Shailesh Keshav of Gavarewadi village, was arrested on cha

Rapist Ashley Shuck was released halfway through his sentence and went on to attack two women Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Rapists freed from jail have gone on to rape again at the rate of one a week.

We discovered that sexual predators released from prison over the past five years went on to strike again. Last year alone five people every month fell prey to violent criminals already convicted of rape, the Sunday People today reveals. The list of repeat sex fiends includes Ashley Shuck, 25, who was last night serving a life sentence for raping two women just three weeks after he was freed half-way through an eight-year term for rape.

Another is sexual sadist Andy Johnson, 46, who struck again after being secretly granted day release from a psychiatric unit. Jermaine Hussie attacked again nine days after being secretly released Image: Liverpool echo Read More And Jermaine Hussie, 34, attacked a disabled woman just nine days after being freed on licence from a six-year sentence for rape. Our revelations will raise fears that rapists are often being released too soon. We also revealed that rapist policeman Stephen Mitchell — feared to have attacked up to 30 women — has been freed less than seven years after being jailed for life.

Last night our latest disclosures prompted calls from campaigners for new measures to protect the public. The Parole Board controversially tried to release taxi driver John Warboys, who was found guilty of 19 charges of drugging and sexually assaulting 12 female passengers in his cab Image: We need to ask some serious questions about the quality of parole board and police decision-making. Of those, 63 had already been convicted of rape. More than one in 10 already had a record for some form of sex attack.

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Reprints Over the past week damning evidence has emerged, in documents detailing a settlement between Barclays and regulators in America and Britain, that employees at the bank and at several other unnamed banks tried to rig the number time and again over a period of at least five years. And worse is likely to emerge. Corporations and lawyers, too, are examining whether they can sue Barclays or other banks for harm they have suffered. That could cost the banking industry tens of billions of dollars.

As many as 20 big banks have been named in various investigations or lawsuits alleging that LIBOR was rigged.

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Posted on May 10, by sundance Everyone is so caught up with their discussion of President Trump around the firing of FBI Director James Comey that they are completely overlooking the most explosive scandal in the history of congress. This scandal, if exposed, should remove, or at least censure: The absence of their accountability shows the depth of corruption within Washington DC. The Go8 are exclusively responsible for overseeing all intelligence community activity as it relates to intelligence gathering and corresponding investigations.

In short these eight elected representatives are in charge of all oversight of all U. As elected representatives , they represent one of the most important checks within the system of government overseeing non-elected officials. Stefanik is a young, freshman republican congresswoman from the Albany New York area. And using a probative questioning timeline, she single-handily pulled the mask from FBI Director James Comey, and exposed the corruption within the Gang-of-Eight yet no-one seems to notice.

In the segment of the questioning below Rep. Stefanik begins by asking director Comey what are the typical protocols, broad standards and procedures for notifying the Director of National Intelligence, the White House and senior congressional leadership aka the intelligence Gang of Eight , when the FBI has opened a counter-intelligence investigation.


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